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After coming to faith in September 1982, Pastor Bank attended Gospel Tabernacle where he served as a deacon under Pastor Wiley Jackson for two years.  At the time, he was working for the now defunct Eastern Airlines.  Lying in bed on a September night in 1984, in an almost trance-like state, he heard an audible voice ask him, “What is your name?” He responded with his given name “Bankole.”   Again he was asked, “What does it mean?” and again he responded in his natural understanding, “help me build a house.”  The voice again asked, “Do you know why you were given that name?”  Understanding the African culture of naming children after significant life events and circumstances, he presumed that he had been born in the middle of a home building project and thus named accordingly.   Following further investigation, including a conversation with his father, he learned that contrary to his thinking, there was no building project at the time of his birth and that his name related not to the building of an earthly home but to building the house of God.   At the time, Gospel Tabernacle was in the middle of a building project. 


Lacking full understanding, Pastor Bank assumed that his calling was to help the church in this endeavor.  He devised an elaborate business plan that he hoped would provide a funding base for the building effort and thus be the fulfillment of what he felt was God’s mandate on his life.   It was at this point that God began to orchestrate the events that would confirm, clarify and establish the calling upon Pastor Bank’s life.

Late in 1984, Pastor Bank was called by one of the elders at his church, Rodney Jackson, to assist a visiting Nigerian pastor, John Nwabugwu, who had become stranded in Atlanta.   As he searched the phone book in his hotel room, he “just happened” to settle on Gospel Tabernacle church and called the church for assistance.  Pastor Bank eventually picked him up and hosted him at his home for the duration of his stay in Atlanta.  In the course of his stay, Pastor Bank had opportunity to share with him the events that had transpired in his life and his plans to fulfill what he felt the Lord had laid on his heart regarding the building project at the church.   At this point, Pastor Nwabugwu began to weep because God had shown him in a dream that this was the reason why he had been stranded in Atlanta.   He subsequently clarified the vision for Pastor Bank that in essence, the call was not to build a church but to build THE church.  Thereafter, Pastor Bank enrolled in the River of Life Bible College in 1984 and eventually joined the church.


Following his graduation, World Outreach Missions was birthed in December 1986.   Convinced that the heartbeat of God was to take the gospel of the Kingdom across cultures, nations and geographic boundaries, he began to take this missions message from church to church with a view to informing, inspiring, igniting and mobilizing the North American church for the work of missions.  WOM undertook its first short-term missions outreach to Nigeria in October 1987 with Pastor and Mrs. Tuff as its pioneer missionaries.  To provide prayer support for these outreaches, the Monday night prayer for the nations was started. 

Subsequently, God spoke to Pastor Bank about starting a missions training program to train and disciple North Americans to participate in the end time harvest. Thus the WOM Missions Training School was started in January of 1993 in obedience to this word.   The African arm of the training Institute was started in Nigeria with a similar purpose of training, Discipling and sending out Africans to reach the remotest parts of the continent for the Kingdom.   In addition to providing missions training for prospective missionaries, WOM also provides monetary and logistical support for serving missionaries and their work and the Institute has trained, equipped and deployed hundreds of missionaries who are today involved in both long- and short-term missions work.

Pastor Bank spent the period between May and August 1994 implementing this Africa initiative through WOM’s facility in Ibadan, Nigeria.   It was in this time frame that God spoke to him about starting a church back in the United States.  After serving faithfully for 9 years as an elder at River of Life Church, he was released, with honor, in September of 1994 to start World Outreach Church For All Nations.  WOCFAN was officially launched in a warehouse in Tucker, Georgia with a vision of knowing Jesus and make Him known by discipling the nations, praying for the unreached, establishing cell churches, and sending forth leaders to the ends of the earth.